Sampson Bros. Arts
Sampson Bros. Arts
"Hoops, Health, & Healing" ( H³ ) at GrassRoots Virgina Keys, 2012
( H³ )

"Hoops, Health, & Healing"

  There is a "legend, myth or lore" about Hoop Dancing (what we define as "way of life", or simply "fact") that says whenever a dancer passes through a hoop (because the hoops represent our world), the dancer brings his/her life back one revolution, making them younger and younger...  or at least, keeping them young.  

  While that does sound farfetched, we have very well found it to be TRUE.  This kind of activity engages the many aspects of the physical body, as well as the mind and spiritual well-being.   In addition to mastering one's own body and capabilities such as strength, flexibility, dexterity, agility, stamina, and range of motion , we are also able to exercise our mind through the cognitive synapsis that occurs while working with an object outside the body (the hoop).  No doubt, dancing makes us feel good and that positive energy is catalysed by the energy exchange we experience while trying and learning something new, something FUN!  

  This fitness program is a great introduction to the hoop and the vast potential it has as an instrument of learning, physicality, and fun!  With adaptations for low-, medium- and high-impact degrees of intensity, this circuit can be done with deep engaging isometric meditation, or a High Intensity Interval Training.  The individual sets the pace.  Add a little rhythm, pick up the tempo, and you have yourself a workout!

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