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Intro to the Bros.

    As world-renowned dancers, Lumhe and Samsoche Sampson (Mvskoke Creek/Seneca)—a.k.a. the Sampson Brothers— strive to promote cultural pride, unity, and hope by setting a positive example through art, education, and dance. They hope to give back to their tribe and the Indigenous community as a whole by breaking stereotypes and thus creating opportunities for generations to come. The Sampson Brothers aim to be successful artists, but also use that success to educate others while keeping their culture alive. With perseverance in modern times and tradition in tact, they bridge two worlds to provide positive inspiration as 21st century warriors.

     Hoop dance has been the Brothers' passion and instrument of choice since they first learned as young boys. While the Powwow styles of Grass and Fancy dance were their origins when they began to walk, they were always encouraged to "never stop learning" and try more...  That's when they were introduced to and picked up their first hoops.  At first, it was simply to inform and share with their peers at school assemblies, yet it quickly became a means of living, and ultimately, a way of life.   More than 25 years later, they have since performed in more than half a dozen countries, 100's of Universities, and demonstrated/educated 1000s of individuals around the world about their culture and Indigenous Hoop Dancing.

     As part of the inevitable perpetuation of knowledge that hoop dance epitomizes, reciprocity is something that has happened naturally and has become a finely honed art for the Sampson Bros.  Not only do they perform, but they also offer workshops in their respective crafts such as Hoop dance, Powwow Style dance(s), Native Flute/Music, and more.   For more information on the services and workshops the Sampson Bros offer please use the Contact Us tab.


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"...a way that our every effort, thought and action is done in a positive state of mind-- just like our ancestors. "

"Hoops, Health, & Healing" ( H³ )

Take a look into the fitness program developed by these former AFAA Certified Fitness Instructors that is derived from the basics of Indigenous Hoop Dance. 


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About Us

Our Background


When we were in Elementary school, we often had to stand up for ourselves as indigenous pupils among a changing modern world.  Knowing who we were as youth helped reinforce our own identity and epitomise the very ideals of our ancestors by embracing those around us with mutual respect and humanity. Today, we carry on that tradition by continuing to educate, share and learn with all those we encounter on our journeys. 

Our Medium


We are versed in many different mediums, such as litho-press, acrylics, pen & ink, graphic design, screen print, MANY forms of dance, theatre.  However, we are most known for our expertise with Indigenous Hoop Dance, both exhibitions and education on the hoop with its many teachings.

Our Inspiration


Our mother, Darice, has always kept us in touch with our Indigenous roots and given us the tools we needed to succeed in this modern world as Native citizens.  Nevertheless, our father also has lead the way and left enormous shoes to fill with an endless task of bringing light to the world.